About Us

Our Mission: Helping You Get More W’s

An extension of you. It’s what the Western Folder team becomes the minute your company joins our family. Your marketing efforts need to be on time and on the money in terms of relevancy and interest. Accuracy is a non-negotiable. It’s what you can expect – time after time – as we support your ever-changing fulfillment & marketing needs.

Our History…Your Future

Back in 1922, Western Folder was founded to meet the travel industry’s most practical needs. The team produced and distributed railway and steamship time tables, set up window displays, and more. We did, essentially, whatever the travel industry of that day needed most.

Three generations later, Western Folder continues to anticipate – then meet – the real world marketing needs of today’s travel industry and other markets, too. Some domestic and international clients have been with us for decades. As their worlds have dramatically changed, so have our abilities to grow with them. Services like database management, online material ordering, fulfillment, printing and inventory tools, and custom reporting have evolved from these needs.

Some parts of the industry haven’t changed, and thankfully so. Our centrally-located hub remains highly cost effective for companies shipping coast to coast. A strong Midwestern work ethic and commitment to follow jobs from start to finish…still strong as ever. And the spirit of collaboration our founders called on during transportation’s golden era? It’s infused in each phone call and outbound delivery, every single day.