Direct Mail

Better Mailings = Bigger Impact

Winning in the direct mail universe has taught us two things that matter most: 1) sweating the small stuff counts and 2) experience matters. The small stuff – the details side – means Western Folder checks your mailer design to make sure it’s USPS-optimized and we run real-time analysis of all shipping factors and post-mortems on your mailing to ensure you’re always getting the lowest price possible.

On the experience side, you’ll score big having Western Folder in your corner. Having mailed close to a billion pieces of mail in our lifetime, we’ve seen it all and keep close tabs on all things postal. Why? We hate surprise fees and lost time as much as you do.

With an experienced, market-tested team plus high-speed insertion, inkjet addressing and sorting stations, we can provide relief with:

High-end brochure & collateral mailings
Segmented mailings
Custom kit/trade show mailings
Promotional and premium gift mailings
Unique packaging and design for maximum effect
Finishing & additional services: inserting, tabbing, ink-jetting, labeling and more