Answering the Call: Better First Impressions

As a consumer, when you’ve had a great customer service experience, it stands out in a big way. That’s what Western Folder can do for your call center support. Inbound. Outbound. All-around. Get seamless telemarketing services that represent your company as well as, or better than, your own staff could. Knowledgeable with a big dose of friendly, our U.S.-only based call center specialists are ready for action, answering questions and processing orders just as you’d like us to.

After hours, the winning ways continue with:

Automated voice mail that can take orders directly or instruct buyers to call during business hours.
Around the clock live operator service.
When we say around the clock, we’re talking 24x7x365.
80% of all calls presented are answered. within 20 seconds.
95% call completion rate.