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Sharing. The entire travel industry has long depended on it. Airlines share perks and upgrades with their loyalists. Travelers share their great experiences with friends and families. And now, travel industry providers can enjoy the shared benefits of Western Folder’s powerful one-stop brochure fulfillment resource: Travel Information Network (TIN).

This unique service supports top-selling travel agencies while providing tremendous cost and time savings to travel industry suppliers (cruiselines, airlines, hotels, tour operators, etc.). For over 40 years, TIN has operated as a virtual trade show allowing agencies to place a single order for materials from multiple travel suppliers. Without this powerful tool, these users would have to contact each supplier separately.

TIN is a tremendously efficient resource where:

Agencies choose the titles of the materials they want and the quantities they desire (based on parameters set by each supplier) in a single place.
Requested brochures are consolidated and shipped together via UPS/USPS within 24-48 hours. This arrangement saves up to 50% over “standalone” fulfillment.
A monthly database of agency orders is provided to every participant in the network.