Warehousing & Storage

Inventory Excellence: Knowledge Counts

It’s been said, the better you know your inventory, the better you can impact your future. Accurate inventory eliminates surprises and inspires better decision-making.

From the moment your shipment arrives at Western Folder, its condition (whether intact or damaged) is digitally imaged and all quantities received are counted and matched against the printer’s shipping manifest. Its precise weight is then confirmed, allowing us to choose a shipping mode that’s most cost effective, secure and timely, too.

Custom software keeps your counts real-time and razor sharp, meaning your inventory levels are right-sized; this keeps your storage expenses down, too. Inventory is self-trackable too, allowing you to monitor your collateral 24/7.

Growing? We’re ready to help you keep up your winning ways with:

80,000 sq ft secure, highly adaptable warehouse space
Climate-controlled areas plus locked security storage for high value items
Three-tier pallet and drive-in space saver pallet racking.
Efficiency-boosting conveyor systems, flow racks, folders, counters.